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Cereal Club is an American teen sitcom which focuses on a girl named KimJongUninstall (Austin) who creates her own web show called Cereal Club with her best friends Memeturle (Jacob) and Grapes (Chris). The series was created and executive-produced by Squid. Cereal Club is targeted towards preteens and young teens (egggnoggg) , but has a substantial following among children (Cabby), older teens and adults (Klaadem and The Swan)

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Server Members Edit

This page will lead you to a compiled list of every member of the server.

Official Tier List Edit

Here you'll find information on the current tier list, as well as previous versions. Watch as we destroy our friendships by ranking each other on a list in the style of Super Smash Brothers.

Flash of Inspiration Edit

It looks like untextured fucking shit. And its always painted L I M E G R E E N.

The Buzzfeed Cereal Quiz Edit

Which cereal are you? find out the history behind the largest shitpost in the entire server right here!

The Cereal Club Edit

Want to know the history behind the server itself, including every form it has taken over the 3 years of its existence? Check out this tubular page bro!

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This is such a garbage beautiful server.

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